Food Bloggers vs. KidLit Bloggers: A Study

Funny thing about food and children’s literature bloggers.  Of the food blogs I read, I find they post much less frequently than the kidlitosphere – I’ve assumed that this is because food bloggers are more “lifestyle” than kidlitters.  They don’t have time to blog – they’re too busy living.  Children’s lit bloggers do lots of reading, and lots of reading is usually done somewhere in the vicinity of a computer.  Not to mention that most bloggers of kids’ books are librarians who are semi-attached to computers all day long anyway.

But Thanksgiving surprised me.  A lot of my kidlit friends dropped off completely, or wrote significantly less, than they usually do.  But the food bloggers?  Holy crap-a-lacka!  They went NUTS!  Dozens and dozens of blog posts, documenting every single stir of the spoon, photos through dirty oven windows, photos of family and friends at the table....  The great thing was that their posts completely captured the mood of the holiday: joyful, chaotic, fun, crazy, lovely, and neurotic.  I had a blast reading so many posts!

That said, I clearly became a children’s literature blogger during the holidays.  Documenting the play-by-play?  I’m not that kind of gal.  No, I cozied up with my Soul Twin and her husband, made amazing food, and watched Christmas Vacation at the end of all the magnificent mayhem.  And – shhhhhh! – I enjoyed the time off from blogging.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday!  


Anonymous said...

P&P, that's funny about the kid-lit and food bloggers. I did make a few things for Thanksgiving, but did not take pictures. We spent the holiday with relatives, and I took along Deborah Madison's dried-apricot (and other fruits) chutney and a friend's Dysfunctional Family Spice Cake with caramel icing. (She calls it that.) It's divine, even though I couldn't find any mace. I kinda screwed up the caramel icing (it was grainy, not smooth), but no one noticed. And no relative cussed at everyone, unlike festivities a few years back. Maybe it was the influence of the spice cake.

Unknown said...

Okay, Susan, when are you going to blog the Dysfunctional Family Spice Cake?! That sounds AWESOME! You must blog it before Christmas so the rest of us can join the fun!

No cussing = successful family gathering.