Thanksgiving: In Photos

Lest you read my previous post and think that I didn't document everything about Thanksgiving, I am here to reassure you that I took LOTS of pictures (or Adam did).  Here was our menu:

- Pork Loin Roast with Chestnuts (from The French Kitchen)
- Blackberry Crisp (the Soul Twin brought frozen wild blackberries
 that she gathered herself and used them in place of the apples in Ina Garten's recipe from Barefoot Contessa's Parties)

Now I'm going to let the photos speak for themselves:

For goodness sake, I have the most ridiculous hair!

"Would you like some fresh ground pepper with that?"
"Oh, honey, I think we could ALL use some fresh pepper."

(My eternal love if you know where this line is from)

The finished product.  Think we're a fancy schmancy family?  Check out the plastic wine glass with water for Kiddo.  You gotta agree that un-glams the table a bit!

I swear, this looked much more beautiful in person!

The motley crew (bottom left, clockwise): my other husband, the Soul Twin, Kiddo, yours truly, and the Husband.

Eat, drink, and happy holidays!


Anonymous said...

Laura! Can we come for Thanksgiving next year? This is AMAZING! And your family (and also your alternate family) is beautiful. xo Jenny

Unknown said...

Jenny, of course you can come next year! And thanks for the lovely compliment: it's the wine - it gives us (the adults anyway) darling rosy cheeks! Kiddo has them naturally. 8-)