"18 Cinematic Trips to the Library Stacks"

Courtesy of my American Libraries Direct email, I had a delightful time this morning reading Entertainment Weekly's "18 Sexy Trips to the Library Stacks". There are a couple of really rad ones, but here are my favorites:

Am I the only one that finds Nicholas Cage totally unbelievable in this role (well, in fact, in most his roles)? This last one is unintentionally hilarious. How does he always manage to look so confused?


Gretchen Alice said...

Okay, your Nic Cage comment seriously made me giggle!
Love the site--I linked over from Miss Erin. Food and books? It doesn't get any better.

Unknown said...

I love giggling! Totally true, right? His expression screams: "Huh? What? What just happened? Am I in a library?!" The very idea of him being a scholar is laughable...and giggle-able.

And you're right: it doesn't get better than food and books...oh, and wine.