In search of a new tag line

Have you noticed that at the end of my food-related posts, I sign off “Bon Appètit”? Allow me to share (because, again, I’m feeling rather saucy today) that I intensely dislike that this has emerged as my signature. Lucy’s Kitchen Notebook has “Come visit” and Symon Says has “Live to cook”, both of which I love. So from this moment forward, I’m in search of a new tag line. I’ll try out a couple of different ones and see if any one of them sticks. In the meantime, I’m open to suggestions.

Eat, drink, and…you know


amy cray said...

dude, we are seriously linked. not five minutes ago, i was looking at your blog and thinking to myself, i bet laura is getting sick of saying bon appetit.
swear to god!

amy cray said...
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amy cray said...

I've moved on from shock and am in search of options to encourage you.

Clearly, the first two returns on Google for Tagline databases will not provide a classy, witty sign-off for you, as the best I've been able to find are "With a taste for life" and "Ketchup has kick" (yes, Heinz spells it with a K).

I'll continue my search. Until then, might I suggest, "glutton for mutton"?

Unknown said...

I read this post out loud to Adam and he actually loves "Eat, Drink, and...you know." His idea was that I can fill in the "you know" depending on the post. For example, "Eat, Drink, and Down with Laura Bush" or "Eat, Drink, and Read Old Cookbooks." Anyone care to comment on this tagline?

Anonymous said...

Love that.