Why I love what I do

So I got off work a little early last Thursday so that I could go to the launch of TOON Books at Books of Wonder in Manhattan. And what a lovely party it was! Hors d'oeuvres, wine, books, fascinating people... Fran├žoise Mouly, the editorial director of TOON Books, is every bit as elegant as you'd expect - I'm hoping she'll agree to trek out to Flushing to speak to all the children's librarians! - and I met several other interesting people who proved to be much better conversationalists than me! I know this will sound odd, but I'm completely relieved that I didn't have the opportunity to meet Art Spiegelman - as someone who turns into such a geek when meeting brilliant people, I have no doubt that I would have been incoherent at the crucial moment. Heck, I'm relieved that I kept it together while talking to Ms. Mouly!

The good news is that I saw colleagues there who didn't mind that I was all geeky: Betsy Bird and her husband (who actually knows a lot about children's literature!), Michelle of the CBC, and Colleen of Roaring Brook Press. Here's a photo, courtesy of Kyo Morishima, of all of us hobnobbing (I'm in the red):
I think this picture was taken toward the beginning because I remember it being considerably packed later on. More so than it already was in this picture.

Yep, my job doesn't suck. Thanks to TOON Books for the lovely shindig!

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